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Advisory Packages

Services for strategic, short-term support for clients who are serious about integrating AI into their operations.

Strategic Monthly AI Retainer

• Objective: Provide ongoing strategic oversight and support for AI initiatives.
• Duration: Up to 40 hours per month
• Target Audience: Varied, adaptable to client needs.
• Content: Regular strategic sessions, progress reviews, and continued guidance on evolving AI projects and initiatives.
• Outcome: Ensures sustained alignment of AI initiatives with business objectives and continuous improvement in AI capabilities.

Comprehensive Weekly AI Training

• Objective: Deliver a robust training program covering multiple aspects of AI, from theory to application.
• Duration: 1 week (40 hours)
• Target Audience: Groups of up to 15 participants.
• Content: A structured curriculum including lectures, labs, and project work focused on building capabilities in AI technologies and methodologies.
• Outcome: Participants will complete the program with a solid grounding in AI principles, ready to apply AI solutions within their roles.

Full-Day AI Deep Dive Program

• Objective: Develop in-depth understanding and hands-on skills in AI applications.
• Duration: 8 hours
• Target Audience: Teams up to 10 people.
• Content: Intensive, hands-on sessions focusing on specific AI technologies or methodologies, problem-solving workshops, and project sprint planning.
• Outcome: Teams will develop practical skills and detailed project roadmaps to implement AI solutions effectively.

Tailored Hourly Consultation

• Objective: Address specific AI challenges or opportunities in real-time.
• Duration: Flexible, based on client needs (minimum 2 hours)
• Target Audience: Individual stakeholders or project teams.
• Content: Customized advice on AI strategy, implementation challenges, technology selection, and optimization of existing AI solutions.
• Outcome: Immediate, actionable solutions and informed decision-making support.

Executive AI Strategy Session

• Objective: Align senior management with the transformative potential of AI and integrate it into business strategies.
• Duration: Half-day (4 hours)
• Target Audience: Up to 5 executives
• Content: Focused discussions on current AI trends, an assessment of the company's current AI maturity, and strategic recommendations for leveraging AI to achieve business goals.
• Outcome: Executives will gain strategic insights into how AI can drive competitive advantage and innovation.

One-Day AI Immersion Workshop

• Objective: Equip participants with foundational AI knowledge and insights specific to their industry.
• Duration: 8 hours
• Target Audience: Teams or departments up to 20 people.
• Content: A blend of presentations, case studies, and interactive group activities tailored to reveal the potential of AI in enhancing business operations and customer experiences.
• Outcome: Participants will leave with a clear understanding of actionable AI strategies that they can implement in their roles.

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